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SigmaWolf's Thoughts

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14 May 1986
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Hey I'm Chris, or Sigma to most of my friends (my furry alter ego). What can I say about myself. Well I'm in the military (USAF) as a security forces member. I'm currently at Eglin AFB FL.

I do enjoy quite a number of things, but my top 3 favorite things to do are...

1. Spin poi: I'm surprised everyday about how many new people are learning about this innovative and amazing art form. If you are unsure of what poi is...it's similar to glowsticking at raves but so much more. Look it up on youtube or google if you want to see some awesomeness.

2. Singing: I love to sing! I sing anything from Opera to heavy metal....anything except country and modern rap XP.

3. Fursuiting: I am a furry and since I like performing I'm a fursuiter too. I love suiting so much, and when other people ask me why I do it I tell them "Don't knock it till you try it." Now if your unsure of what I'm talking about GOOGLE MAGIC LOL!

I'm a furry and damned proud of it too. I haven't been in for a long time just about 2 years now, but even in that short time I've found a great community of friends that actually care for one another.

If ya want to know more about me just hit me up on IM or my e mail. Peace =3

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